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Allianz Inpatriates to Canada

Allianz inpatriates to Canada is an ideal plan for visitors travelling to Canada on a work visa, Super Visa holders wanting more than emergency-only care, Foreign expatriates residing in Canada and returning Canadians. This unique plan offers all of the emergency benefits of Allianz Visitors to canada plan plus extended health benefits such as maternity, eye and physical examination, and vaccins.

Please note that if a person is pregnant or expected to be preganant in next month than maternity coverage can NOT be offered.

Allianz Inpatriates to Canada


Rate table

(Pop-up Rate Table)

Age limits

15 days to 69 years old

Maximum Sum insured

$100,000; $150,000; $200,000

When to Apply?

1. Purchase prior to arrival

2. After Arrival: 48-hour waiting period*

*Exception: accidental bodily injury

Pre-existing Medical Condition &
Stability Exclusions

Ages 59 and younger: 90 days prior to policy effective date.

Ages 60-69: 180-day stability prior to effective date.

Eligibility Requirements


Medical Questionnaire

Ages 59 and younger: not required – Guaranteed Issue

Ages 60-69: basic medical questionnaire

Side-Trips Outside Canada

Covers worldwide travel as long as the majority of the policy duration is spent in Canada.

No coverage while in country of origin.

Non- Emergency Benefits
(read policies for specifics)

Maternity up to $10,000 (80 % of expenses)*

Eye examination (1 per 12 month period)

Physical examination (1 per 12 months period)

Vaccins ($100 per12 months period)

*Pregnancy must begin at the earliest a month after purchase of plan!

Emergency Benefits
(read policies for specifics)

Hospital & physician bills (up to amount)

Emergency Medical (including follow-up visits)

Prescription drugs (up to $500)

Professional services following an accident: chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist

Ambulance transportation (up to amount)

dental accident ($4000)

dental emergency ($500)

Bringing someone to your bedside (up to $3000)

Meals, hotel, phone calls & taxi (up to $1500)

Repatriation of remains (up to $10,000)

Evacuation to home (up to $3,000)

Savings – Family Rating

Not available

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Up to overall maximum limit



Policy Wording