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Allianz Expatriates to Canada

Planning to live or work in another country? Allianz Expatriates plan is an ideal plan for people working and living abroad looking for more than emergency medical coverage and who don’t have or will need to cancel their provincial medical coverage. If you do have access to your provincial medical coverage than please contact us to inquire about our long term travel insurance plans or youth adventure plan.

Allianz Expatriates to Canada

QUOTE, NOW! (Excluding USA & Mexico) QUOTE, NOW! (Including USA & Mexico)

Rate table

(Rate table Excluding USA & Mexico)

(Rate table Including USA & Mexico)

Age limits

15 days to 69 years old


Standard Option : $ 100 000

Enhanced Option : $ 500 000

Deluxe Option : $ 2 000 000

When to Apply?

1. Before leaving your province

2. After leaving your province: 48-hour waiting period

Pre-existing Medical Condition &
Stability Exclusions

Standard Option : NO coverage for any pre-existing medical condition.

Enhanced and deluxe options: 365-day stability prior to effective date.

Eligibility Requirements

Must meet to apply

Medical Questionnaire

Standard Option : not required – Guaranteed Issue

Enhanced and deluxe options: basic medical questionnaire required and if necessary medical underwriting (allow 2 to 5 days delay)


Inclusive of US and Mexico Covers worldwide travel.

Exclusive of US and Mexico Covers worldwide travel less US and Mexico except for in-transit.

Non- Emergency Benefits
(read policies for specifics)

Hospital & physician bills (up to amount)

Emergency Medical (including follow-up visits)

Prescription drugs (the less of up to 90 days or $10,000)

Emergency and Ambulance transportation (up to amount)

Bringing someone to your bedside (up to $3000)

Meals, hotel, phone calls & taxi (up to $1500)

Repatriation of remains (up to $10,000)

Evacuation to home residence (up to $3,000)

Eye examination (1 per 12 month period)

Physical examination (1 per 12 months period)

Vaccins ($100 per12 months period)

Maternity related benefits

Standard Option: up to $5,000

Enhanced Option: up to $10,000

Deluxe Option: up to $25,000

Chiropractor, chiropodist, podiatrist,
physiotherapist, naturopath, or acupuncturist

Standard Option: up to $500 per profession

Enhanced Option: up to $1,000 per profession

Deluxe Option: up to $2,000 per profession

(Pregnancy must begin at the earliest a month after purchase of plan!)

Dental (accident)

Standard Option: $3,000

Enhanced or Deluxe Option: $5,000

Savings – Family Rating

Not available

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

See brochure for amounts



Policy Wording

QUOTE, NOW! (Excluding USA & Mexico) QUOTE, NOW! (Including USA & Mexico)